Dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea delivered in your home.


In-Home Visits

We come to your home or office to examine your pet. Our schedule is flexible to work with you and your pet.

Wellness Visits

Examination and consultation to develop strategies to maintain the health and wellness of your pet.


Preventive care against infectious diseases makes good sense.

Parasite Control

Worms, fleas, and other parasites have a negative impact on your pet in many ways.


When it is necessary to end the life of a pet due to illness or injury, we can come to your home.

Minor Surgery

Minor surgeries such as  abscess drainage, laceration repair, removal of skin tumors performed under sedation.

Assisted Living and Nursing Homes

Often it is difficult to transport a pet to a veterinary facility.  We will come to you.

Heartworm Testing

Have your dog tested for heartworms prior to initiating any treatment to select appropriate course of treatment.


What does it cost?

We work on a fee for service basis.  We will be glad to discuss cost estimates at the time of scheduling an appointment.   Our minimum travel charge is $65.  A basic exam ranges from $40 to $60 depending on the complexity of the examination.  Other services (lab tests, x-rays, medications, etc.) are additional.

Cash and checks are accepted.  We do not accept credit cards at this time.  Payment is expected at the time of service.  

Our General Practice Area

Our practice includes much of the Greater Baton Rouge area.  
We will confirm before scheduling an appointment that you are within our service area.

Our Services
Wellness examination includes a thorough physical exam, weight measurement, medical history, recommendations for preventive care and treatment (vaccinations, parasite control), fecal parasite test, blood heartworm test, nail trims and anal sac expression, if necessary.
We perform appropriate vaccinations for dogs and cats based on age and exposure risk.  Click here to see a list of available vaccines.
Fecal and blood tests can be performed for diagnosis of parasite infections and appropriate anti-parasite treatment can be provided.   Click here to see a list of common parasites.  
Neutering of male cats is a surgical procedure that can be performed at your home.
Minor surgical procedures  performed under sedation can be done at your home including such things as abscess drainage, laceration repair, removal of small tumors, some tooth extractions.
Minor illnesses such as urinary disorders, infections, and gastrointestinal upsets can be diagnosed and managed at home.  We can provide referrals for more serious or life-threatening conditions.
Older dogs and cats have special medical needs and concerns, some of which are detailed on our Geriatrics page.  We work with you to address these special needs.
We provide evaluation and treatment of skin diseases.
We provide recommendations for diet, exercise, household activities for your pet, not just for overweight patients.
We provide consultations on a range of behavioral conditions including separation anxiety, household aggression, elimination disorders, fear biting, obsessive  compulsive disorders such as digging, tail chasing, chewing, barking and biting.
We perform examination of the mouth and neck to determine cause of bad breath (halitosis), swellings of the facial area, pain, and failure to eat due to dental problems.

As pets age or become ill, this becomes a stressful time for pet owners to consider the possibility of end of life.  There are many questions and concerns that need to be addressed before decisions can be made.  It is possible that medication or adjustments in daily lifestyle may be all that is needed.  However, if the decision has been made to euthanize, that decision will be honored.