As pets age or become ill, this becomes a stressful time for pet owners to consider the possibility of end of life.  There are many questions and concerns that need to be addressed before decisions can be made.  It is possible that medication or adjustment in daily lifestyle may be all that is needed.  However, if the decision has been made to euthanize, that decision wll be honored.

Benefits Of Home Service
 Comfort of your home
 Less stress on pet

The Procedure
We give an intramuscular anesthetic injection to begin the process. When your pet is asleep, an additional intravenous injection is administered finalizing the process.

At Home Veterinary Services, we are happy to allow loved ones to stay with their pet during the procedure, if they so choose. We will do what we can to make the process a little easier on you as well as your pet. We can perform pet euthanasia in your home in the Baton Rouge metro area (see our service area map) to help keep your pet as comfortable as possible.

The aftercare of the pet can be handled several different ways. We can leave to up to the discretion of the owner or we offer communal and private cremation. 

Communal Cremation
Communal cremation is when you don't get your pet's ashes back.

Private Cremation
Private cremation is when you DO get your pet's ashes back.
 One pet is cremated at a time
 Your pet is tagged and cross checked, so we know you are getting your pet's ashes back