Puppy Care
It is essential that we protect young pups from the deadly diseases for which we have effective vaccinations. Puppies should be vaccinated as early as 6 weeks of age, using the combination products against distemper virus, adenovirus, parvo virus, and parainfluenza virus. Booster vaccinations should be given every 3 weeks, until at least the age of 16 weeks. Routine de-worming is also essential, as pups frequently contract parasites from their moms, through milk and placenta (before birth). This, too, needs to be repeated, in coordination with the vaccination schedule.

Certain breeds of puppies often have their tiny dewclaws removed at a very young age. This procedure is most comfortably performed at home, where these 3 day old pups can be maintained in a stable, warm, clean environment.
Puppies, in general, should be housed in a safe, sheltered environment that is free of hazardous chemicals and away from large unstable objects and electrical cords. The puppy crate is an effective tool to help keep puppies safe. Crates are also useful to start the "potty training".

We can help you with these early-life steps to ensure a happy, healthy pet.